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In honor of Andy Schleck’s incridible victory in LBL today, here is an old classic of his older brother Frank. The crash is epic, but the announcers are the best part. The Schleck Schleck Schleck Schleck! is so intense, and then they go right back to calm voices as this guy has dissapeared off a freakin’ cliff!


Andy FTW. PS this dude is only 23.


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I think tattoos can be really cool if you have a good idea for one and it is done well. As you can see in an earlier post, I have a tattoo of a shark on my shoulder. If you knew anything about me and my personality, that I have a tattoo would probably shock you a lot, as it did to most everyone at my high school when I first showed up with it.  I decided to get one because I want to be a high-status politician.  This may seem counter-intuitive, but I think that being around so much formality and bureaucracy for my adult life will probably get stifling, and having something kinda bad-ass as a secret under my business suit will help.  Before I got my tattoo, my mom (who has a tattoo of her own, like the majority of my family) told me that I might regret it for a little while and then come to like it , which apparently is normal, and that one was good to have but I probably wouldn’t want any more.  In a rare instance she was wrong.  Not only have I never regretted getting it, but I want more.

Tattoos I want:

After I graduate (hopefully) from Notre Dame, I would like to get a tattoo of the Fighting Irish Leprechaun.  I had a gym teacher in high school who had this tat on his leg, even though he went to Sonoma State college.


I thing a giant squid would be cool to have on one of my arms. Its head would start around the top of my bicep, the 8 arms would start at the top of my elbow and continue to the top of my forearm, and the two tentacles would trail down my forearm. I would want it to be drawn in the style of an 19th century naturalist’s biological sketches.  Looking sleek, elongated and fierce.

monicasquidThis isn’t very close, but the best I could find.

There are two religious tattoos that I thought would be awesome. One is a Celtic cross, and the other is Virgin Mary of Guadalupe. However, the Bible says that you aren’t supposed to get tattoos, so they might be too self-contradictory.

largeThis with no angel, writing or roses. (But with the lines)

Other cool tattoos:

My cousin James has an Aztec sun on his shoulder that is really cool. My aunt Juliet has the Grinch and the Whos holding hands around her ankle. My brother wants to get a lion face on his calf.

images-1Similar to this, but with a more detailed and asymmetrical mane.

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Pictures of JFK

JFK wasn’t a particularily excellent president, yet people loved him. He was an exiting young leader for an energetic young country. His tradgic death oddly foreshadowed the impending war in Vietnam; a shattering on innocence. While I don’t really want get into his policies, there is one element of JFK that is unrivaled. People have described him as charming, charismatic, and captivating. There was some intangible he possessed that made people love him, and it has worked on me too. I am fascinated by pictures of President Kennedy. There is something about his appearance that evokes strong feelings in a lot of people, and I am among them. I especially like some pictures of JFK and his brother Robert. I wish my own brother was interested in politics so that he and I could be like the Kennedy’s. I have included some pictures that I especially love below.

200828_f2607633john-jr-playing-under-john-f-kennedy-s-oval-office-desk-1963-posters1z55560188While browsing pictures I noticed two things. One, I like JFK’s rocking chairs. Two, I don’t like pictures with Jackie Kennedy in them. Odd.

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I really like sharks for a variety of reasons. They are my favorite animal. If I was a wizard in Harry Potter I suspect that my patronus would be a shark of some kind. Sharks are great for two main reasons. The first is biological, not only are sharks the ultimate killing machines, but they have existed in their current forms for over 100 million years. Evolution isn’t about being complex or new (as complex and new humans tend to believe) but about finding a form that works and sticking with it. Sharks have mastered this. Secondly, they are terrifyingly efficient hunting machines. They have extra senses that can detect movement in the water and determine prey based on the frequency of the vibrations in the water. They can also sense the faint electromagnetic fields that all animals generate. Sharks can hear for miles underwater, and can smell one part of blood in one million parts of sea water. So never try to sneak past a shark. Sharks have rows and rows of razor sharp teeth which they lose and replace regularly. Sharks have been observed teaming up to take down large prey and even move partially beached whales out into open water to feed. The things found in shark stomachs include but are not limited to: treasure chests, suits of armor, torpedoes.

Another reason I like sharks so much is because of the NHL team named after them. The San Jose Sharks are my favorite sports team of any kind. I follow them very closely, and am a huge fan. The sharks are amazing, they just won the President’s Trophy (as regular season champions) and open up the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight against the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Even if you don’t know anything about hockey, picture a duck fighting a shark. This outcome is pretty obvious.


A black-tipped reef shark.

A tattoo of a shark…photo-23… on my shoulder.


Joe Thornton of the San Jose Sharks.

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Spongebob Squarepants if my favorite TV show. Almost every day I watch at least one episode. I know the words to most of the older episodes. For weeks now my facebook status every day has been a quote from or reference to Spongebob. It may seem silly that an 18 year old college student would have such an obsession, but I do. Recently I began to wonder just why I liked this show so much, and more importantly, why I don’t like most of the new episodes very much.  I’ll tackle these issues separately.

I am used to being asked why I like Spongebob, and I had a pretty decent answer lined up. I told inquirers that A. Spongebob contained a lot of subtle adult humor (there is an episode where it is insinuated that SB is watching porn,   ) and B. after working hard at school it was good for my brain to relax with some nonsense, childish cartoons. But as of late I have discovered a deeper reason behind my fanaticism. I noticed that individually, few episodes of Spongebob made me laugh particularly hard, and I am a person that laughs out loud a great deal. I also found that I dislike new episodes, but as I see them more and more I like them better and better. Then it hit me, the basis of Spongebob’s attraction isn’t the humor, it’s the familiarity. Spongebob is my touchstone, by foundation, the one constant in a dynamic and unfamiliar sea. I can distinctly remember when I first got to colege, and was feeling homesick, finding Spongebob on TV was always very comforting. That explains why I dislike new episodes, but then they grow on me. As they become more familiar I can use them as a source of comfort. Every day I look forward to being able to watch a bit of Spongebob, and no matter what I am doing or where I am, it is constant and reassuring. As odd as this sounds, it explains so much about me, and about humanity. We are creatures of habit, sitting in the same spots in class even without a seating chart and going to the dining hall at the same time with the same people. In my life that can be chaotic, stressful and uncertain at times, no matter what happens life in Bikini Bottom will always be the same as I left it last. Plankton will be trying to steal the Krabby Patty Formula, Spongebob will beblowing bubbles, Gary will be meowing, Sandy will be experimenting, Squidward will be annoyed, Mr. Krabs will be counting money, Patrick will be asleep, and I owe them all a debt of gratitide for it.


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On The Brain

Since I first was inspired to start a blog, last night, I have come up with many ideas of what to write about. I am deciding to start off with a list of things that are currently on my mind.

Road Rash: I am fortunate enough to rarely get injured. I have never had stitches, staples, a broken bone, braces, glasses, or been to the hospital as a patient. However, since I recently became a bicycle rider, I have started to get road rash, and it is awful. Road rash doesn’t really hurt when you first get it, so you are lulled into a false sense of security. However, that night in the shower it will hurt, and it will be a nagging pain every time something touches the scrape for days. Then the worst part sets in, it itches like crazy, for seemingly an eternity. PS you can’t scratch it.

Beautiful Bicycles: While crashing bicycles and road rash are bad, it is more than made up for by the pros of bicycling. Most importantly is the beauty of the bicycle. I don’t find modern art or modern architecture particularly pleasing, but the same principles of aesthetics make modern bicycles the most beautiful works of art I can think of. What makes them so beautiful partly is how they unlock human potential. Watch Mark Cavendish sprinting any day and you’ll see what I mean.



Zombie Movie: I love zombie movies, so I decided to write one. It is very difficult and slow going. I have a lot of it envisioned in my head, but describing what I see in my head is very tough. The climactic scene will be a tribute to my late Uncle Brian. He always said the the ultimate slow-motion shootout scene would have the Beatles song ‘Let it Be’ playing in the background. I’m usually not very emotional, but when he died (in a car wreck) and my cousin Dan played ‘Let it Be’ on the piano at the funeral, I broke down. The scene that I want that song to accompany is so perfect in my head, so translating it onto paper is an immense challenge.

This thing:


I think it is really funny for a variety of reasons. Among them are my love of Optimus Prime, my interest in the new phenomenon of socially-accepted President mocking, and the genius of the poster. It is currently by desktop background, and only the second I have ever had (the first being the Notre Dame Leprechaun mascot).

Facebook Event responses: I NEVER respond ‘yes I am attending’ to facebook events, even if I am certain I am going. I could have paid for, RSVP’d to, found a date for, bought an outfit for and/or personally planned an event and I will still always respong ‘maybe attanding’, because you just never know what might happen.

Lists: I write a lot of lists. Every morning I tear a page off my Dilbert desk calendar, and write my to do list for the day on it. If I think of something to add during the day I write it in a blank text-message on my phone and then save that message to drafts. I have a mac laptop, so I use the ‘sticky-notes’ feature in the dashboard to keep lists of several things. These vary, but currently include: Assignments for Newspaper, Things I Want to Buy, and Ideas for the Blog. (I also clearly have a tendency to over-capitalize things, but I am working on it).

Spongebob Squarepants: If you ask anyone who knows me well, especially the guys in my dorm, you will find that I am a huge spongebob Squarepants fan. My blog title is a Spongebob reference. I am watching Spongebob on TV right now.  However, I have recently come to a startling conclusion about my unusual interest in Spongebob, which I was going to describe now, but I decided that this post is long enough so It will wait for next time.

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Hello world!

I think ‘Hello world!’ Is a stupid name for a first post.

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