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Since I talk about bikes and cycling a lot, I thought it would be rude to not introduce the lady in my life, Rosalita:Rosalita 001

Isn’t she beautiful? My Trek Madone 5.2, 2007 model. I think she’s too good for me.


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Wandering Mind

At my various jobs, I do some pretty monotonous work that requires little thinking. This allows my active mind to wander, and over the years three common themes have emerged. The frequency with which these fantasies dominate my thoughts often depends on different things that spark my interest.


I really want these. I think most people do. The ones I want, in addition to speed and strength (which I think are fairly standard) is control of the basic elements; earth, air, fire and water.


Ninjas- I like the way ninjas dress, when I get super powers I’ll dress like a ninja to hide my identity, and look scary/badass.       

Bat Man- A ‘regular guy’ who still kicks a ton of ass, also kinda dresses like a ninja.

Avatar- A cartoon show about people who have element-controlling superpowers. The plot and comic relief parts are a little childish ( it is a children’s show) but the fight scenes are cool enough for anybody. They are making a live-action version of the show as well.

Dragonball Z- Another blend of all the qualities I would want in a superhero. And such a great show.

Space Ships:

I can’t wait for outerspace travel/warfare. I might have them freeze me like Walt Disney, because I bet that unfreezing and space travel technology will be about the same time. I like outerspace warfare especially, and this is currently the thing I thing about most (of the three listed).


Star Wars- The classic. It has influenced so much in my life, but here i=I am referring to the space battles in the episodes. Most of all, IT”S A TRAP!

Ender’s Game- Great book series. The best part is the end of the first book when Ender and his team are playing the simulation battles. I can’t wait for the day that they announce that I am needed to come up to a secret government space station to train to lead a secret fleet against incoming aliens.

Age of Sail- I also like ship-of-the-line warfare, British Empire, Pirates, East India Trading Company etc. I think space war will be a lot like those times.

Star Trek- The new movie was awesome. It has re-sparked my interest in space combat, and I think I might have a Star Trek themed birthday this year.

Battlefleet Gothic- A table-top miniatures game with model space ships. There are a lot of really cool models available. I have never actually played the game, part because it is expensive, part because it is nerdy, and part because even if I nerded out and got it, I probably couldn’t find anyone to play with.

Homeworld 2- An amazing computer game where you build a space fleet and battle other space fleets. The visuals are great. I only have Homeworld 2, but I imagine the other numbers are good too. The best part is that the map is a sphere, so you can play in 3 dimensions like real outer-space.

Post-Apocalyptic Earth:

While it would actually be really difficult and scary, I thing it’s better to be safe than sorry, so I spend plenty of time thinking about how best to prepare and survive no matter what the cause of the apocalypse. When I’m bored in stores sometimes I thing about what kind of gear I would need etc.


I am Legend- One of my favorite movies of all time. Zombies are a great sub-genre of this category, and this is a top-notch Zombie movie.

World War Z- A great account of the world of zombies. If you can believe that the disease that creates zombies was real, the rest of the book is very logical and believable.

Mad Max/Water World- No zombies, but some great settings, clothing and plots. I highly recommend these.

Terminator- Ever since I saw the first terminator movie and the flashback scenes to the war against the machines, I have waited for a movie about that war to come out. It does so this Thursday, and I can not wait! Watch the trailer, it is top notch.

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In order to have a successful life-long relationship, there are certain steps that must be followed. My friends Eva and Anna Dwyer happen to be the daughters of the woman who knows them all perfectly. Since Eva, Anna and I are all now young adults, we decided it is high time we learned the steps. Without this knowledge, I could easily get married to a woman I have never met, all because the steps were done out of order! In order to be properly educated, Mrs. Dwyer has requested that we come up with our best idea of the steps to present to her for correction. Here is mine:


This is only a rough draft, I have so many questions to ask and holes to fill! Where do things like first kiss, sex etc. fit in? Physical intimacy may very well need to be an overlaying transparency. Also, I am sure there are time periods/minimum ages associated, but I can’t decide on any of them. Oh well, I’ll just have to avoid contact with females until I can get myself straightened out.

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Track Cyclists

Weird sport, but I’d like to try it.  Anyways, on the ND cycling team people have repeatedly referred to a picture of the German track cycling team (I assume their team pursuit squad) due to the ridiculousness of their legs. Comparisons are also made to team-mate and notorious B-field sandbagger Andy Steves www.andysteves.com. I finally found the picture.



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Every cool person has an awesome catch phrase. At least in the movies they do. I think that part of me becoming a totally cool, badass adult is creating one. I used to think that I could borrow one from something else, but I have found this to be hollow and ineffective. I really like the quote “there is nothing worse in life than being ordinary” from the movie American Beauty, but again, it’s not mine originally. Likewise with “It’s never too late to start beefing up your obituary.” Great line, but I don’t want to be known for a beer commercial. My brother has an excellent catch-phrase. It is, “I’m a grown-ass man and I do what I want.” He claims he made it up. Everyone who hears it thinks it is a line from something, but then no one can ever remember what. Maybe he did come up with it, which would be totally cool, much like a lot of other stuff in his life/personality. I need something like this.

PS, if you know what his line is from, please let me know. Google search results have been inconclusive.

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No it isn’t me. Yet.

There are these commercials for Dos Equis beer that feature ‘the most interesting man in the world.’ The just of it is that they describe this amazing guy, and then at the end he promotes Dos Equis beer. His line is as such, “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.” I like all the interesting things he does and is, but also I like his support of Dos Equis. He isn’t forcing it on you the viewer, but rather relating that Dos Equis is a beverage worthy of his occasional attention. Obviously the most interesting man in the world isn’t some natty-light toting frat boy, he probably drinks a wide variety of fancy and expensive alcohols, because it is classy on certain occasions, not because he needs the boost in social skills. Personally, I do not drink beer, but if I did, I too would likely prefer Dos Equis. However, the only person I have witnessed regularly enjoying Dos Equis myself id Pat McKenna. While I think he’s cool, Pat is a middle-aged rancher, dog-enthusiast and civil war reenactor. A nice guy, but certainly not the most interesting man in the world. So maybe a little bit of false advertising has in fact crept into this particular set of commercials.

Since I have decided that posting videos is more interesting to both of my readers than anything I write, here are some of the commercials.

It’s never too early to start beefing up your obituary!?!?! Come on, that line itself is golden! What words to live by! Speaking of words to live by, look for my thoughts on that subject to come soon.

PS. I just saw wolverine, it was very dark, but excellent. Not a ‘happy ending-feel good’ kind of movie, but done well with great action, I recommend it.

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