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To Do List

Ignore the Dwyers

Win triathlons

Engage in boygang activities

Claim I’m being preyed upon by the girl pack whilst actually preying on them

Write to do lists

Be a fail

Misquote mystery men

Shake condensation out of all water bottles

Watch Spongebob

Be insulted

Shave legs

Wear hats in a specific rotation

And thats all.


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The Boy Gang

I believe that one of the best things about Notre Dame is the dorm system. Among other things, the dorms are single sex. While there are certainly drawbacks from the gender relations point of view, the benefit is some awesome male bonding. Over my brief time at school, I have joined a boy gang. We don’t sing and dance like a boy band, rather we hang out, watch TV, help each other, pick up chicks, wear manpants, eat and speak rudely, give great man-to-man hugs, play pranks, play sports, and generally be an unstoppable force of manhood. The boy gang includes the following: Me, Tully, Colin, Tom, Joey, Jeff, Dan, Alex, Shane and Bobby.  Others try to associate themselves with the boy gang, but are not true members.

My favorite thing about the boy gang is Sunday Brunch. I know that sounds gay, but when explained in detail it seems better. Generally after a weekend of debauchery, adventures and excitement, we all need a lot of sleep Saturday night/Sunday morning. As it is, we all get up around noon on Sunday and collectively head to the dining hall. From there, we all get our food and meet at our regular table. The next 45 minutes are spend in non-stop hysterics. Everyone has a great story to tell about their weekend’s exploits, and more than a few embarrassing things to remind their compatriots about. We brag about girls we picked up, stuff we stole and things we got away with. We remind our friends of ugly girls they hooked up with, awkward places they peed, where and when they passed out, and how much they professed their undying love for their roommate. All in all, there is a lot of exaggerating, and a lot of laughter.

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